Pirate Island Play Dough Storytelling Prompt!

Use black sparkly play dough to create a pirate island small world play scene, and use it as a springboard for creative story telling with kids! A wonderfully tactile, hands on and imaginative way to get children excited about early literacy play. Pirate Island Play Dough Storytelling Prompt!

Raspberry Jelly Valentine’s Play Dough

Here’s how to make some delicious raspberry scented no-cook play dough for Valentine’s day, using jelly (jello) crystals for the dye and scent. Add a little glitter and it is totally irresistible to play with! As you will already know, we make a LOT of play dough and it forms

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Play Dough Inventor’s Workshop

Use old electrical cables, loose parts and recycled junk materials to create an imaginary play inventor’s workshop, using play dough as a base material to build and secure. This activity is fantastic for providing open-ended creative play, hands-on investigations, designing and planning, story telling and scientific discoveries! Best of all, as with all great kids

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Gruffalo Play Dough!

Create a model of the wonderful story book character, The Gruffalo,  using play dough, added materials and imagination! Then use it to retell the story together!

You will know by now that we absolutely ADORE play dough. We have tried many different recipes, flavours and

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Play Dough Letter Impressions

We used play dough and wooden letters to make some letter impressions! Playful literacy learning with play dough, wooden letters and beads A great way to incorporate some playful literacy through letter recognition, sensory alphabet learning and most importantly, FUN!

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