Golden Cinnamon Sensory Tub!

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Create an aromatic, golden sensory tub filled with golden, cinnamon scented rice for a truly multi-sensory play time with kids!

It’s fast approaching that most wonderful time of year again! This time last year we dyed some rice

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Lunar Landscape Sensory Small World Play

Create a sensory, small world play scene to replicate the moon’s surface and provide hours of space imaginative play for your little ones! Using recycled materials and homemade moon dust, it’s easy to set up and can lead to plenty of learning opportunities and creative story-telling too.

Make your own

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Baking Sensory Tub and Imaginative Play

We put together a fun sensory tub filled with real baking materials for some imaginative play and learning! Pin It Sensory materials in the tub: red lentils butter beans pearl barley cous cous   Cooking materials added for play: weighing scales wooden spoons whisk small mixing bowl

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Christmas Sensory Tub


Create a sensory tub filled to the brim with Christmas colours, textures and scents! Perfect for baby and toddler play and lots of hands on, open-ended fun and learning this season. As you probably know by now, we LOVE sensory play! And seeing as it’s nearly Christmas it seemed the

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